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Often a rebuild of your website is not needed! I can help you out though some of the following:


I can help you arrange your content to be be more recognized by search engines. This is very often correct usage of html tags and titling of content.

Inbound Marketing

Tagging your content for search engines to read is only half of the story. To have an internet marketing stragtegy will often be key to being found on the web. Pay per click campaigns and website traffic analytics will also help you reach your audience.


Bigger user base? Old code starting to strain? Searching slow? I may be able to help you establish less database and web-server heavy tasks by

  1. Adding memory and database caching
  2. Search indexing
  3. Writing leaner CSS
  4. Media distribution
  5. Performance profiling
  6. Cluster setup
  7. Advising on web-server / database options

Refactoring Old Code

Even though the website is old, it may just need a good clean-up, putting it in to shape. Much old and sometimes poor written code is hard to maintain and hard to build new features on. A common mistake is to completelty rewrite the code. Refactoring your old code to allow new technology to be implemented is usually the most cost effective and quick solution.


Automated tests that test your website can tell you if any changes you made happen to break something else. You now know that you have not messed your project up through changes added. This can save you stress, time, money and mistakes! Setting up a testing environment can seem a big deal, but it just needs a little push to getting it going.

Agile Workflow

The agile development process cuts waste and gets your project moving as quickly as possible, read more about agile and testing here.

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