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Ruby on Rails

Awesome ruby tricks..

Found this link yesterday... Awesome
21 Ruby Tricks You Should Be Using In Your Own Code


JSON Data for multiple objects and associations in Rails

I am creating a REST API in Rails which outputs JSON data. In some cases I need multiple objects to be pushed out in the data, which is fine until you need to use associations in the mix also.


form = Form.find(params[:id])
products = Product.all


Using an alias method with an abstract class model in Ruby on Rails

I was surprised about how easy and nice this solution was, I needed a separate model to manage 2 different kinds of sessions in my rails project. A regular user session and a cart specific user session. I don't know if this is the best way to organize my data but it is a legacy system that is built that way!


Little request for Ruby on Rails

One thing that drives me mad about rails since I am not using it everyday is forms.
Although I love it to pieces why do you need 2 types of form helper (one for forms wrapped around an object and one for not). Although after a little time you find yourself remembering which is which.
But Why?
Rails is supposed to save pain which it usually does, but I find form helpers in other frameworks far easier to use as I don't have to think about these different helpers. Lets hope they fix it in Rails 3.


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