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Why you should use Rails 3 and not Django

I wrote a blog post recently titled 'Django vs Rails' and I had a lot of people read it. In the post I was very much more pro Django, but I do believe Rails 3 changes the outlook somewhat. Over the summer I was able to go to Euro-Python in Birmingham, UK and RubyConf in Tsukuba, Japan.


Django vs Rails

 Yes it is another one of those comparison blog posts! I apologize but I had to write something about this.


Ruby Hash is not ordered

Just to let you know, I had a hash like below in a test

options_hash = {"把手タイプ"=>"バー把手(E)", "扉カラー"=>"ナディマスカット(NM)", "シンクの位置"=>"左シンクタイプ", "ガス種"=>"プロパンガス(LPG)"}


Awesome ruby tricks..

Found this link yesterday... Awesome
21 Ruby Tricks You Should Be Using In Your Own Code


Little request for Ruby on Rails

One thing that drives me mad about rails since I am not using it everyday is forms.
Although I love it to pieces why do you need 2 types of form helper (one for forms wrapped around an object and one for not). Although after a little time you find yourself remembering which is which.
But Why?
Rails is supposed to save pain which it usually does, but I find form helpers in other frameworks far easier to use as I don't have to think about these different helpers. Lets hope they fix it in Rails 3.


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