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Object Relational Mappers

Using repositories in Doctrine 2

One feature of Doctrine 2 and other data mapper style ORM's is that rather than each class model invoking itself to make queries in the database (Active Record style), custom queries to the database are handled by a bridge layer that is extends the Entity Manager.

We cannot do any any queries to the DB without going through the Entity Manager, here is the simplest case:


Doctrine 2 and why you should use it!

If any of you are used to Hibernate in the Java world you will know what I am talking about. But Doctrine 2 is almost exactly the same as Hibernate.


Doctrine ORM Joys and Frustrations

 I was to first make it clear that I think Doctrine is a fantastic ORM and my choice by far for any PHP project.


Object Relational Mappers in CakePHP, CI and other frameworks

 I am currently doing a project in CakePHP which I generally like, it is far from perfect but it is heading in the direction and is getting even better with 1.3 nearly being released. It also happens to be one of the most popular open source web frameworks in Japan which is a good reason to get using it.


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