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Testing controllers in Lithium

There is often a need to test your controllers for higher level functional tests. In Lithium using its own test suite this is easy.

For this I am using @daschl's fixtures plugin which can be found here.


Practical Internationalization in Lithium

Just thought I would write some jottings about internationalization as it is something I seem to do quite a lot of these days. (I have lived in Japan for 15 years with most of my websites being in Japanese so I get asked this a lot!).


Weaving Lithium #li3 into a legacy PHP application incrementally

Legacy Application

I have a legacy application which was originally written in straight PHP with a few classes that I have created for convenience, but this is old and I am wanting to get this into a modern web framework. I have prepared it by stripping out all of the old Sql and made all Database requests through the excellent Doctrine 2.


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