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Error: No module named messagesdjango.contrib.contenttypes

I am not going to heavily blog about my experiences with Python and Django, but times that an error stumps me I will note it here briefly to help out with others who have similar problems. 

When installing the new messages module in Django 1.2 I got the following error


Creating multiple blocks easily in a Drupal module pt2

Actually my first post on this subject didn't have too much to do with creating multiple blocks like in the multi-blocks plugin.


Creating multiple blocks easily in a Drupal module

 In my latest Drupal project, we needed to be able to easily add new blocks to the main module based application, but also to be able to them easily in the theme folder. The theme based block templates will be altered regularly by designers to fit is with the site and its style. The module specific blocks will not be changed as it is a part of the applications core.


Django vs Rails

 Yes it is another one of those comparison blog posts! I apologize but I had to write something about this.


Doctrine ORM Joys and Frustrations

 I was to first make it clear that I think Doctrine is a fantastic ORM and my choice by far for any PHP project.


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