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Blog Archive: October 2009

Refactor not Rebuild your Web App!

Having been involved in large website/web app development, when there are frustrations in the present system it is always tempting to say lets rebuild it.

But let's rethink this. Of course sometimes there is code there that you are embarrassed to show others, of course it could look prettier on the outside and in. It is easier to write code than to read it - especially other developers.

But bear this in mind:


Using :include in Rails ActiveRecord call doesnt create a joins query

I am currently writing an Rails app that uses quite a few database calls. I wanted to cut these calls down so I knew I would need to use the :include option in ActiveRecord. I was expecting from what Ryan Bates mentioned in one of his RailsCasts that a nice join would be created for me in one query.


Meeting with the big guys! (Hitachi Systems)

With one of the contract clients I am working, I am dealing with a large lighting company called Daiko, we are going to put in place a stock availability function into our website to connect with Daiko's inventory data.


Ruby Hash is not ordered

Just to let you know, I had a hash like below in a test

options_hash = {"把手タイプ"=>"バー把手(E)", "扉カラー"=>"ナディマスカット(NM)", "シンクの位置"=>"左シンクタイプ", "ガス種"=>"プロパンガス(LPG)"}


Awesome ruby tricks..

Found this link yesterday... Awesome
21 Ruby Tricks You Should Be Using In Your Own Code


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